Teachers - Things to Consider

Qualifications /
Your teaching certification must be current and you must have qualifications appropriate to your teaching field.
Experience You should be currently teaching in a school or have been so within the last 6-12 months. International Schools demand currency in teaching and will expect a minimum of between 2 years and often 5 years experience.

Your experience must be that of your subject major in your qualification / degree.

For specialist positions, schools will expect recognised qualifications and current practice in the desired field.


English is the language of instruction in schools, with there being no expectation of your being able to speak the language of the host country. All applicants must be fluent in oral and written English. Some schools will specify native-English speakers.

Family circumstances Teaching couples (without dependants) and single teachers (without dependants) are keenly sought by international schools.
Spouses It is important to be aware that some countries have legal and religious requirements that stipulate specific working restrictions for spouses. These can affect the visa/work permit applications for a dependent spouse. This is important in the case of female teachers with a non teaching spouse.

The size of a family will limit your employment opportunities.

Some schools will not employ teachers with children due to the type of accommodation available and the associated costs of relocation - and education costs.

Increasingly we are finding that some schools prefer teachers with no dependants. A teaching couple with more than 2 children will make employment in an International School extremely unlikely.


In a competitive environment you should be aware that age could be an important factor affecting a school's final decision about applicants' suitability. Some countries will not provide work permits for people over 55.

Some schools actively recruit more experienced teachers or younger teachers, male or female, depending on the ratio on the current staff.

The positions, contracts and conditions of work

Vacancies occur for early childhood, primary and for secondary teachers.

Contracts will vary between schools, as will pay and conditions of employment. Always ensure that you have a clear understanding of contracts and conditions before accepting an appointment.

International Schools provide Health Insurance cover. Airfares are typically provided at least at the beginning and end of the contract. Schools will assist with the provision of visas and work permits and will cover these costs.

We are willing to provide recommendations and advice at any stage of your negotiations with a school.


In most cases schools will provide or assist with accommodation requirements.


We sometimes get requests (particularly from Catholic and Christian schools) for teachers of a specific religion - this information is entirely voluntary -however there is provision on the form if you wish to indicate your religion, and whether you prefer such a placement.

Criminal Check

You may be requested by the school to provide a current Criminal Check