Schools - The Recruitment Process

Year Round Teacher Recruitment Services

Our extensive database of screened, experienced K-12 teachers allows TRI to assist you all year round with teacher recruitment.  Consider using our services to assist you with any ongoing recruitment needs throughout the school year. 

Once you have registered with TRI, you can commence listing your openings. We will then seek expressions of interest from our candidates and shortlist for your consideration. You will then have online access to shortlisted candidate CV’s / resumes, including their confidential references. You are able to contact directly those candidates of particular interest to you.

Where schools wish to visit Australia and interview selected candidates, TRI is able to assist with arrangements as required. We can also arrange targeted mini fairs specifically to meet your needs at any time throughout the year and can facilitate interviews when you require them. Additionally, videoconferences can be organised.

We look forward to working with you as you seek to recruit quality teachers for your school.

Robert & Elizabeth Lee
Directors, Teacher Recruitment International